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About Fractal

Predicting patterns. Advancing our industry. Transforming global trade: the idea behind Fractal began to form in the summer of 2021. Founded in Geneva the following spring, the company quickly positioned itself as an industry leader through its unique ability to identify patterns and recognize shipping trends.

Fractal predicted a strong global economic recovery following the COVID lockdown, which in turn led to a significant upswing in the tanker market.  This foresight led Fractal to become a major industry player.  The company quickly amassed a sizeable fleet: a testament not only to Fractal’s commercial prowess, but also to the faith put in the company by its investors, insurers and peers.

Fractal’s ethos is anchored in a combination of professional rigor and an unwavering commitment to transparency. This dual focus ensures an optimization of both operational and commercial performance. Fractal’s emphasis lies not just in transportation but in a proactive, hands-on dynamic operational strategy. 

This dynamism is further amplified by the integration of cutting-edge software solutions. 

The core strength of Fractal lies in its team. With over 185 years of combined chartering experience, the team possesses the expertise to tackle the complex challenges presented by global energy transportation. All members of the Fractal team work to the very highest ethical standards.


Headquartered in Geneva, a global commodity hub, the company efficiently connects with key stakeholders in the oil and refined petroleum sectors. Fractal’s commitment to excellence and innovation isn’t confined to its Geneva base. 

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is Fractal’s second hub, giving us an important foothold in the region.  Fractal’s presence in Dubai is more than strategic; it’s transformational. It secures access to a rich network of cargo owners and the vast reservoir of human talent unique to the Middle East. Dubai’s meteoric rise in the shipping arena acts as Fractal’s gateway to the expansive Middle East and Far Eastern markets. 


Through its forward-looking approach, unparalleled workforce expertise, and strategic global positioning, Fractal stands as a model of contemporary shipping industry excellence. We are committed to operational efficiency, technological prowess, and shaping the industry’s trajectory.


At Fractal, our commitment to safety and the environment is a core value. As stewards of the seas, we are profoundly aware of our responsibility, not just to our crew and cargo, but to the oceans and the global community.

With a relentless pursuit of a ‘zero incidents’ vision, our ships are equipped with the latest safety technologies. We invest in continuous training for our crew, fostering a culture of safety and vigilance. We worth with technical managers whose expertise ensures a constant focus on fuel efficiency, vessel speed and route optimization, and meticulous attention to hull, propeller, and engine maintenance, all of which significantly contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Regular safety drills, both onboard and ashore, are ingrained in our operational routine. Combined with periodic inspections by globally recognized classification societies like DNV, LR, and ABS, we ensure that our safety protocols are always up-to-date and meticulously enforced.

Our safety and environmental policies are in line with our broader investment strategy, focusing on sustainable growth and long-term value creation. By integrating these policies into our daily operations, we affirm our commitment to industry best practices and uphold our reputation as a responsible, forward-thinking shipping company.

Through the Fractal Gives programme, we are proud to partner with NGOs to support social and environmental initiatives, helping to conserve marine ecosystems, ensuring vibrant and healthy oceans for generations to come.

Recognising the threat of invasive species, we implement stringent biosecurity measures.
Ballast water is treated in compliance with international standards, ensuring we protect marine biodiversity. Every vessel in our fleet adheres to strict waste management protocols, ensuring that waste is processed responsibly, with minimal environmental impact. Preparedness is pivotal. Our dedicated crisis management team is trained to address any emergency swiftly, minimising risks and ensuring the well-being of our crew, cargo, and assets.